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The 32nd FAAPI Conference took place in San Salvador de Jujuy on 20-22 September 2007 and was attended by 800 people from different parts of Argentina, including Tierra del Fuego. During those three days it was the organizers’ main objective to share their culture, that of Jujuy, with speakers and attendees, thus providing what they considered the right framework to the conference topic: “Cultural Awareness in ELT”. But there were also other objectives as well: Ø  To provide teachers and advanced students with the necessary tools to reflect on their teaching and learning roles.Ø  To provide a space for discussion and sharing of innovative working experiences.Ø  To contribute to the improvement of the teaching practice in the Argentine educational system.  Sub –Themes:
  • Cross Cultural Education
  • Language and Culture
  • Literature as a means of Culture
  • Cultural Awareness through Literature, History, Folklore, Humor
  • Literature in E.L.T.
  • Teaching Culture in the ESL/EFL Classroom
 Types of presentationso    Plenaries –Semiplenarieso    Workshopso    Demonstrationso     Poster presentations         Plenary and Semiplenary Speakers: 
  • Michael Byram (UKSponsored by British Council
  • Claudia Ferradas Moi (Argentina) Sponsored by Pearson Education
  • Alan Pulverness (UK) Sponsored by FAAPI-AJPI
  • Oriel Villagarcía (Arg.) Sponsored by Helbling Languages
  • Jeffrey Stranks (UK) Sponsored by KEL Ediciones S.A.
  • Alejandra Ottolina- (Arg.) Sponsored by Macmillan
  • Michael Downie (UK) – Sponsored by Richmond Publishing
  • Susan Hillyard (UK) – Sponsored by OUP
  • Angela Llanas - Sponsored by Macmillan
  • Robert McLiam Wilson (UK)-  Sponsored by British Council.
  • Charlie López  (Arg.) Sponsored by Macmillan
  • Leonor Corradi (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council
  • Beatriz Pena Lima (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council
  • Daniel Fernández (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council
  • Andrea Assenti del Río (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Susana Gullco Groissman (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council.
  • William Hancock (UK) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Jon Gower (UK) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Converging Lines (UK) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Flavia Pitella (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Norma Boetsch  (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Gabriela Tavella  (Arg.) Sponsored by British Council.
  • Laura Renart (Arg.) Sponsored by NILE
  • Alicia López Oyhenart (Arg.) Sponsored by E-teachingonline
Under the auspicies of:·         Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación -·         Secretaría de Educación de la Pcia. de Jujuy -·         Sec de Estado de Gestión Educativa del Min. de Educ. de Tucumán * British Council Argentina * Comisión Fulbright Argentina  * Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero - Disposición N° 398/07 * Universidad Nacional de Jujuy -Resolución R.Nº 132507 * Consejo Deliberante - Jujuy * Municipalidad de la Capital-  Jujuy - Decreto N° 08227006
  • Institutos de Formación Docente  N°2, N°4 y 5 - San Salvador de Jujuy, N°1 - La Quiaca, N°6 - Perico-El Carmen- Monterrico, N°9 - San Pedro de Jujuy, N°10- Libertador Gral. San Martín

Organizing Committee:


·         President: Prof. Marcela Burgos-Pawlak

·         Vice-president: Prof. Mabel Beatriz Rodriguez

·         Treasurer: Prof. Patricia Horihuela

·         Secretary: Prof. Amelia Otaiza MA

Academic Committee: Prof. Norma Boetsch de Moraga, Prof. Claudia Ferradas Moi MA, Prof. Ana María Armendáriz, Lic. Mirian Carballo, Prof. Rita Aldorino MA, Lic. María José Alemán, Dr. Mario López Barrios, Prof. Daniel Fernández MA